Blackberry Application Development

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Blackberry Application Development

We have the expertise required to ensure your application makes the best use of Blackberry's unique features. We develop in Java to take full advantage of BlackBerry smartphone features like the phone and camera, and integrate with BlackBerry applications such as the address book and BlackBerry Maps. We have deep experience with BlackBerry enterprise servers, JDE, Widget SKD, APIs and relevant third party technologies required to make an application useful and scalable.

In addition to business applications, we can also assist you with apps targeting consumers with entertainment, networking and messaging needs. With the BlackBerry Java SDK v6.0, you can incorporate the features of BlackBerry 6 in your app, including enhancements to the BlackBerry Browser, pre-built UI elements, and Wi-Fi geolocation and travel time APIs.

We will be your partner through the entire software development life cycle including planning and development.

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